• Bardo Farm. This is really an uber project. Lots of mini projects go on at the farm, including gardening, building, raising different animals, selling them, etc. Different people take the lead on each project.
  • Alternative Energy. Living off-the-grid does not mean not having electricity. Read about what it does mean.
  • Crafts. Woodworking, tanning, sewing are a few of the projects people have begun at Bardo. Some bring in revenue, and some are just exploration.
  • Self-Discovery. We like to think of this as the higher purpose of all the projects going on at Bardo. Everyone’s trying to figure out what they like to do and are good at.
  • Events. We have had Bardo Farm Festival, Luau, and Zombie Apocalypse parties, maple syrup collection and production, apple picking and cider making, and pig and chicken harvests, to name a few. Follow our events calendar, which also gets posted to Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

1 comment for “Projects

  1. Kyle Letcher
    February 27, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    Hi, I’m interested in the free state project. I’ve been dreaming of setting up my own organic farm/community. I’m honestly terrified of the government shutting me down or just giving me a bad time that I’ve not progressed on it to far. I’m wondering if you are looking for more help at Bardo Farms and if there would be any opportunities for me and my wife to move here. I’m from North Dakota, I’ve traveled to many parts of the world and my wife is Canadian. If you have any questions of me feel free to ask. I look forward to hearing from you.

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