Author: Curtis

Bardo Farm Festival Benefactors Wanted

The fourth annual Bardo Farm Festival is just a couple months away and we’ve been brainstorming a way to get the best combination of low entry price, high quality entertainment and education, and community involvement.

We think we’ve found that with the Bardo Benefactor program!

We’re looking for individuals who are willing to donate $100 towards putting on Bardo Farm Festival 2013. Your donation will enable us to keep the entry price down; provide high quality speakers, performers and entertainers; spend more attention on tours, workshops and clinics; search out more food, farm and craft vendors; and perform capital improvements to the festival grounds!

Bardo Benefactors may be thanked on stage and in the festival’s program, or if you prefer your contribution may remain anonymous. Benefactors will also receive two tickets to Bardo Fest 2013. And, of course, benefactors will be able to take pride in, and receive our undying gratitude for, being part of the BEST Bardo Farm Festival yet!

And we already have the support of three individuals!

Please send us an email (, visit this page, or leave a comment if you are interested in becoming a Bardo Benefactor!

Bardo Farm at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum

LF jody headshotOur very own Jody Underwood will be speaking at the Free State Project’s 6th Annual New Hampshire Liberty Forum!

What is the NH Liberty Forum?

Now in its 6th year, Liberty Forum is New Hampshire’s premier liberty-oriented conference. It has developed a reputation for drawing together people of diverse backgrounds from across the Northeast and beyond for the purpose of discussing strategies to reduce government interference in our lives and build a better society through business, the arts, volunteer work, etc.

It is also an opportunity to introduce attendees to New Hampshire and give them a taste of the many benefits of socializing, networking, and organizing with a large group of like-minded people!