tank Tank came in the original move from Pennsylvania. He was (we think) a lab/pit bull mix. Having grown up in inner-city Philadelphia, he was both street smart and tough – but with a cuddly side as well. Tank passed away in 2011, but it still feels like he’s around here somewhere.
Kodi n Em Kodi was a surprise gift to Jody and Ian, from Neil and Emily, so that Tank would have a little brother. He also came in the original move from Pennsylvania. He’s very zen – he can often be found sitting in an isolated location, lost in meditation. He’s also very sweet – the kind of dog that makes you want to become a dog owner, if you’re not one already.
Drumstick Drumstick is the first chicken born at Bardo Farm, the only survivor of a clutch of about 30 eggs that we incubated in the living room. Attacked by the other chickens, he moved from the chicken coop to the barn, and ended up spending most of his time near the house, developing a serious shoe fetish and generally protecting the humans living there. Later, he became a father, and a grandfather. His descendants are the ones you can see roosting in trees at night. He enjoys sparring with the dogs, and has never admitted to losing a fight with any of them.
Payback Payback was a surprise gift to Neil and Emily, from Jody and Ian (which is where she gets her name – ‘Payback is a bitch’). She’s half Alaskan Husky, half Golden Retriever, which is a mix you don’t see much. She indulges her maternal side by showing new puppies (like Shadow and Scrappy) how to play with the right mixture of energy and restraint.
Shadow Shadow was a gift to Kodi, from Jody and Ian, so Kodi wouldn’t be alone up at the Camp. He’s half German Shepherd, a quarter yellow lab, and a quarter Golden Retriever. True to his name, he mostly shadows Kodi – something Kodi doesn’t always seem to appreciate.
Lucky belongs to our friend Carl, but became part of the gang during Carl’s tenure here. We think he’s a Tibetan Mastiff, but no one knows for sure. Incredibly sweet, and about 75 percent hair, if you see a pile of wrestling dogs, Lucky will probably be at the center.
467293_416928285010629_985354725_o Trip is one of two oxen who came with the property. His companion, Chris, passed in 2010. Since oxen work in pairs, Chris took early retirement, and had spent his days grazing and hanging out with Red, the bull, until his passing in 2014.

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