Neil Smith is an owner of Bardo Farm, and a founder of the Bardo Project. He loves finding value in what others see as trash, and enjoys looking for ways to wring every last bit of use out of anything before either sending it to the compost heap or to the transfer station.
Emily Smith is an owner of Bardo Farm, and a founder of the Bardo Project. A graduate of Temple University, and possibly the only vegetarian pig farmer in the world, when she’s not helping manage the farm she teaches gymnastics in Newport, which means she knows practically every child and parent in the area.
Iris2 Iris Smith is the newest addition to our community. In addition to her chores around the property (which are mostly metabolic at this point), she is currently working on various research projects, primarily dealing with inverting spatial projections and merging orthogonal classes of signals.
Jody Underwood is a founder of the Bardo Project. Both before and after receiving her Ph.D. in Education from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), she’s been active in researching appropriate uses of technology in education. As chair of the Croydon School Board, she is facilitating Croydon’s implementation of one of New Hampshire’s first school choice programs. She’ll take any opportunity to dance, or to teach others to dance.
Jeff Jeff Raymond was, for many years, ‘just a guy who delivered pizza’. Then he heard about the Free State Project (FSP), did some reading, and decided to move to New Hampshire without any particular plan. He met us at PorcFest 2009, came to visit, and never left. A jack of all trades, from car repair to plumbing and wiring to building, Jeff helps keep things running on an even keel. He is the founder of the Lazy Goat mobile cafe. His dream is to ‘be part of a revolution’ by providing a place where liberty-minded individuals can meet, talk, and generally ‘get on the same page’.
Lindsay Lindsay Dean is the proprietor of her own graphics design firm, Funky Manatee Graphic Expressions. She’s been a major contributor to all aspects of marketing at Bardo Farm.
Rocco Rocco Fama, formerly a freegan activist associated with Occupy Wall Street and A New World in Our Hearts in NYC, is one of the proprietors of the Lazy Goat mobile cafe and of the forthcoming Sacred Chao Skull Works. He helps manage the gardens during the growing season and manages our waterfowl flocks.

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  1. morgan kone-tania l converse
    September 9, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    I think I would like to visit your farm once I get to new Hampshire, I want to work in Manchester at the VA hospital, but I am interested in this kind of project and supporting this especially the products i want to farm which can generate millions-billions annually to support causes- I will be coming my HDV sets fit in alignment with the free state project.

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