About Us

We are evolving an approach to interweaving sustainable gardening and livestock practices, self-sufficiency skills, energy conservation and production, self-discovery, and economic development as one path to freedom in the Upper Valley of NH.

‘Bardo’ is a Tibetan word meaning ‘between lives’. The Bardo Project is a place where people who aren’t making full use of their talents, or pursuing their own visions, can shed their previous lives while they prepare for and launch new ones.

As Toni Morrison said: ‘You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.’

Bardo is owned and operated by Neil & Emily Smith and Ian & Jody Underwood. The four of us moved to New Hampshire in September 2007, from Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

The basic idea is to provide room and board, peace and quiet, abundant opportunities to learn, and guidance as needed, in exchange for help with projects around the property, including internships at Bardo Farm.

As part of our approach to sustainability, Bardo owns a small part of each business that it helps to create, with any income from those businesses being used to help the next set of people find and follow their own paths.